Quantum Physics, Engineering and Technology in Wales

QYMRU is a network of researchers in Wales working on theory and applications of quantum mechanics. Our aims are

  • to coordinate and foster collaboration between researchers in Wales to support projects in basic science as well as turning quantum physics into quantum technology via engineering;
  • to strengthen research capability within Wales and enable large scale, internationally leading research projects;
  • to raise the overall profile of quantum physics and technologies and their potentially paradigm-shifting impact on business, government and society.

Quantum technologies are already the basis for many core technologies with major impact on societies worldwide, from semiconductors over lasers to various imaging and sensing devices. In computing and communication, quantum technologies had one the largest impact on societies worldwide, mainly based on he band gap effect, continuously driven by miniaturisation. As this miniaturisation is approaching single atom scales, it is also coming to an end. Yet, a single atom behaves complete quantum mechanical, enabling the use of the full range of quantum effects, such as superposition, nonlocality and entanglement. Hence, quantum mechanics can drive further technological advances, e.g. in computation, communication, metrology, sensing, material science, healthcare, biology and chemistry.

Turning scientific results from quantum mechanics into engineering technologies remains challenging, though. By assembling a multi-disciplinary team across universities, other research institutions and industry, from physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, we draw on knowledge and techniques across a wide range of disciplines to address this. We aim to combine work on physical experiments, abstract mathematical questions, computational techniques and engineering to not only improve out understanding of the quantum nature of our universe and exploit such knowledge, but also design and control devices obeying the laws of quantum physics.

If you would like to join QYMRU, please contact a current member or request to join the groups.

"Qymru" is a composition of the words "Quantum" and "Cymru", which is the Welsh word for Wales. The pronunciation of "Qymru" is "qumree".