Third Qymru Meeting

10th of July, 10:00 - 17:00

Aberystwyth University, Old College, Arts Lecture Theatre


10:00 Christian Arenz (Aberystwyth): Quantum control of a spin star

10:45 Sebastian Wildfeuer (Aberystwyth): Adiabatic Elimination in Quantum Feedback Networks

11:30 Tea/Coffee

12.00 Keith Hughes (Bangor University): Hierarchical effective mode approach to Non-Markovian reduced dynamics

12:45 Lunch

14.30 Guofeng Zhang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University): Geometric Measure of Entanglement and Non-negative Tensors

Geometric measure of entanglement is a popular measure of quantum entanglement. In this talk, we first show how the spectral theory of non-negative tensors can be applied to the study of the geometric measure of entanglement for pure states with non-negative amplitudes. After that, by means of symmetric embedding, we show the non- symmetric case can be converted to the symmetric case.

15:15 Tea / Coffee

16.00 QYMRU Discussion

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