This is a list of some of the current projects by QYMRU members. For details please contact the members involved.

  • Quantum Control for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
    • SG Schirmer, J Phillips, F Boy, R Hugtenburg (Swansea Uni), FC Langbein, Max Chandler, Chris Jenkins (Cardiff Uni)
    • We are investigating the use of quantum control techniques, computational modelling and machine learning to enhance magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Geometry, Control and Characterisation of Quantum Spin Networks
    • E Jonckheere (USC), FC Langbein (Cardiff Uni), SG Schirmer (Swansea Uni)
    • A quantum information transfer capacity between nodes of a spin network induces a metric on the network that enables us to study the structure of such a quantum network and its intrinsic capabilities in terms of its geometry and curvature. Results show that quantum networks can have a different structure having a major impact on their information transfer and congestion properties. Furthermore, quantum control is used to change the geometry of the network to induce desired connectivity. Simple Bayesian models and machine learning techniques are also employed to characterise parameters of spin networks such as coupling strength, number of nodes and topology.